At Values Coach UK, our vision is to put values at the heart of coaching in the UK.

Most people have an idea of what values are.  Most know they are important, but few know which values are most important to them.  Values influence people’s behaviour and emotions every day, but few people use them as a positive guide to the way they live their lives. There are hundreds of values.  There are some we all share.  It is the combination of values that we hold that contributes to our uniqueness.

Our mission is to raise awareness of the importance, for us all, of living our values and to provide coaching and consultancy to support individuals and organisations to understand and live their values every day.  We provide a range of opportunities, resources and information about values, values coaching and values products and services.

To learn more about what values are and why they are important to each of us in our daily lives, in coaching practice and in business, click here or use the following link to download our free Values Series of podcasts, in which Lindsay West interviews coaches with a wide range of experience in using values.

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‘great meeting and presentation by Lindsay West. Once again I was reminded of the abundance in our community and how sharing experience and knowledge with each other never leads to scarcity'
‘I know you will continue to enhance peoples lives... I feel very blessed to have met you , you are amazingly inspiring’
‘great to meet you last night and have the benefit of your knowledge on the subject of coaching and values. The approach we worked through was very revealing for me personally (as I suspected it would be!). But also as I can see how the approach can work in coaching situations’
‘great meeting ,lovely to meet such inspiring people, and a fabulous talk by Lindsay West so inspiring’
‘I saw you talk about Values last month and it influences the decisions I make on a regular basis, even today!’’
‘I've only attended the first half-day training session with Lindsay and have gained a huge amount of practical knowledge about eliciting values with clients in a way that really will help individuals to make changes that stick. I'm looking forward to the next session. Wonderful teacher! Thank you, Lindsay’