About Values Coaching

Most coaches see their role as supporting or facilitating others in finding happiness, success and fulfilment in their lives and/or at work.

There are 3 key challenges to achieving this:

  • understanding what makes people feel happy and fulfilled is the first challenge;
  • helping them to make the changes needed in their lives to attain those feelings is the second challenge;
  • giving them the tools to sustain those changes and attain those feelings for the rest of their lives is the third challenge.

Over the last decade, Lindsay West has worked with hundreds of personal clients and many organisations and has identified that using values is an extremely effective way of addressing these 3 challenges and achieving our aims as coaches.

She integrated the use of values into her coaching practice, combining values with standard coaching tools, with NLP techniques and many others.  The affects she has experienced with clients are immediate, the changes sustainable and the positive difference a values-based approach makes is life-long.

To make a bigger difference in the world, Lindsay trains other coaches in how to help clients understand their values and use their values in day-to-day life, through the Values Coach Training Programmes.

The training details the methodology, providing a comprehensive framework and set of techniques to enable any coach (or person using coaching) to address and overcome the challenges above, using a values-based approach. The workshops provide a safe and supported environment to practise the techniques.

The methodology starts by exploring the issues faced and identifying the individual’s core values, and then it progresses by raising awareness of the change needed.  It provides techniques to help them to live a values-led life by using values for goal-setting, managing emotions and making change.

Many aspects, that people find challenging, are covered, including enhancing motivation, increasing confidence and self-esteem, reducing stress, decision-making, prioritising, problem solving and action planning.  Understanding the values of others and the importance of this in communication is also addressed.

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